Introducing the newest addition to our IPSC Standard division ready pistols the RADICAL 5.4.

We pushed the boundaries as much as possible, and managed to fit a 

5.4” barrel into the STANDARD division box without modifying the grip,

loaded with all you need to get that extra edge of performance. 



·         Calibers:  9mm / .40 S&W / 9X21 / 9X23

·         Barrel: RADICAL Match grade 5.4” inch ramped bull barrel

·         Frame: full dust cover / Picatinny accessory rail

·         Finish: stainless steel 

·         Magazines: 3, 120 mm w/ aluminum base plate / brass

·         Trigger: 2.5-2.8 lbs

·         Safety:ambidextrous extended and shielded levers

·         Magazine release: enlarged and adjustable button

·         Sights: djustable rear & fiber optic front

·         Magwell: enlarged

·         Weight: as shown (unloaded): 1170 g /2.57 lbs approx

·         Full length guide rod


Unique features

·         Reduces size grip safety, grip body and magwell.

·         New design CNC flat hammer.

·         Barrel mounted front sight for extended sight radius.

·         Extra heavy brass magwell.

·         Shortened bevertail, magwell and polymer grip.

Product Code: SAS II RADICAL 5.4

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